Our Story

Ousmane Compaore founded Azara Kitchen in September 2020. Ousmane was born and raised in a small village in West Africa. In 2003 he and his mother, Azara Bance, moved to Vicenza, Italy (a Province of Venice) to join his father, an immigrant there. 
Ousmane started cooking with his mom at 14, helping her in the kitchen every morning before going to school. She was well known for her specialty Bainga. Bainga is a typical dish in West Africa. Ousmane was happy to be her person of choice to learn how to create this fantastic dish. 
In 2013 Ousmane decided to move to New York City with nothing but a dream to own a restaurant. He went to school in the morning and worked as a dishwasher after school, creating a quick path to becoming a restaurant manager.
Today he brings you the flavors and dishes of his youth for you to enjoy!