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Bistecca Al Rosmarino

Sirloin Steak marinated in Azara’s green sauce. Served with French fries. 

Bolognese pasta

Hearty dish of pasta al dente coated in flavorful beef and lamb Bolognese sauce

Cassandra’s Poisson

Marinated & grilled Branzino served with Azara's healthy green sauce, paired with seasonal vegetables 

Chicken Alfredo pasta

Al dente Fettuccine Pasta combined with Grilled Chicken breast and Azara's distinctly tasting homemade Alfredo sauce 

Costolleto D’agnello

Grilled Australian lamb chops, served w| Arabic-style couscous infused with raisins, corn, complemented by a flavorful onion sauce on the side.

Jollof lamb

fragrant jasmine rice cooked in a delicious tomato sauce, with lamb, and a medley of vegetables (yuca, carrot and cabbage)  

Rassida’s Salmon

Grilled salmon, cooking in a tantalizing white wine sauce along with cherry tomatoes, red onions, garlic, lemon & capers. Served alongside creamy and cheesy mashed potatoes. 

Razak’s Hamburger

Angus Beef and Lamb mixed Hamburger served with French Fries and Azara's Spicy BBQ Sauce on the side.

Shrimp Kebabs

Marinated & grilled shrimp kebabs. Served with plantains & Azara’s spicy red and green sauce.